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Sometimes it doesn't make any sense. On the contrary, the framework should not limit the breadth of thought and eloquence. This is the advantage of this style.

How I love these ones: “I’m an adult, a busy person, I don’t have time for homework”, “I need to talk, let’s just talk in class”, “I just came to repeat for myself” and my favorite is “I give you money I'm not crying for this." It's time to force these students to play by their own rules.

There is no learning without consolidating and repeating the material. My firm opinion, like all Oxfords and Cambridges, is that there should be homework! Today we will learn how to select tasks that adult students will always perform.

#1 Give useful tasks

Be aware of your students' priorities, age, professional field and interests. An adult will not sit around doing a crossword puzzle or putting letters together into words. A good assignment is something that meets their needs, solves their “pains”. Something that your students can immediately apply in everyday life.

Is a businessman preparing to communicate with a new partner? Go through business vocabulary, write a business letter, come up with a role-playing game. Student actively looking for a job? The god of English himself ordered to translate the resume into English and learn how to present yourself to the recruiter. A young and happy mother is going on a tour of the fashion capitals? Does she know exactly how world clothing brands are read and how to ask for a smaller size?

Just be attentive to the needs of your students!

#2 Challenge them

Asked adult students to give a PowerPoint presentation? Write a biography of a famous person? Seriously? I hope not. The chances that an adult will find the time and desire to perform these tasks are minimal.

Give such a task, which is a challenge with obstacles. But the result should bring a sense of completion and satisfaction. For example, give two students the roles of very busy business associates who need to be assigned a general meeting. Each person in the role will have days and times when they are free.

The main task is to use dialogue to choose a time that is comfortable for everyone and make the most of the vocabulary and grammar learned. I propose to complete this task in the format of correspondence in a messenger or by e-mail, as you like. And at the lesson you can print a screen with correspondence and evaluate the work done.


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