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Find a bug

The activity corresponds to the name - for it it is enough to write sentences with errors on the board and ask students to find these errors. You can get by with the simplest option, or you can transform it for teamwork:


Divide the board into 2 parts and write sentences with errors on them. Divide the class into 2 teams and bring 1 or 2 people to their half of the board. The student's task is to find all the mistakes.

The team finishing first gets +40 points; also teams receive +10 points for each error and -10 for corrected non-error.


Divide the class into 2 teams. Give students a choice of sentences with errors according to the desired grammar.

Team 1 chooses a proposal for Team 2. Team 2 names the cost of fixing the bugs. If the team copes, it receives voiced points. If not, the opposing team can get the same points if they correct all the mistakes correctly. You can limit the maximum cost of the task, for example - 100 points.


To do this, prepare sentences - half of them must be correct, the rest - with errors. Each team is given "$100", their task is to buy as many correct offers as possible, as in a real auction, that is, teams can raise the price for the "lot".


 I swim.

She swims and I dance.

She swims and he dances and I…

We decided to remind you of a well-known and common exercise for practicing grammar at low levels. Perfectly drills most grammatical constructions!

Make a choice

We divide the board in half: on the left is Present Simple, on the right is Past Simple. You say a sentence in one of these tenses, and the students get on the right side.

Alternatively, you can divide the whole class in half, put signs on desks, etc. This technique helps students to recognize new phenomena in speech. After that, you can ask students to write a couple of sentences that they remember, or just come up with their own.

Right wrong

Divide the group into pairs or mini-groups. Each group writes 2 correct sentences and 1 with an error. The task of the remaining students is to identify the sentence with an error.


If the rule turned out to be difficult for students and they can’t learn it in any way, gap-filling is indispensable.

A trick that will work if you work with children is to ask the children to read their answers with certain emotions when checking - joy, sadness, anger. Such a detail will help young students to better remember the necessary constructions than monotonous reading when checking.

I also attach useful resources with games and activities for practicing grammar:

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